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  • A Lucid Account of Lust

    Now Sloan is on top digging into me. Choking me and slapping me to remind me I’m not currently in control. Sloan grabs my face and says “The wetter you get the more I have to have you. I’m not sure it I’ll ever get enough.” I throw my panties with my teeth and choke them back, bringing our faces to one another. I respond, “I don’t plan on letting you.” We Cum again and again leaving puddles of our night all over my office floor. I squirt so much I put Sloans face in it to taste the new fruits of their labor, something for that flight home they can savor. 
  • Between Now & Right Now (Queer Edition)

    Catching my breath, I moan, releasing the voice she gave my pleasure as my lips trembled against her ear. She can do no wrong to my body and yet she exceeds my expectations every time. I am here and I am hers. “That’s my good girl, just don’t forget to count them nuts,” she utters. I reengage my focus on her and tell her “you can’t have all the fun.” I cuddle her throat down to the bed, take my well prepared seat on top, placing her right leg over my left shoulder. I lean in for a kiss as I rub my pearl along hers. They kiss and make up, apologizing for the distance and repairing every broken promise.