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Between Now & Right Now (Queer Edition)

Overworked was always the name of the game in these past few years and it was time I had a vacation. Knowing I would never take one, my sister’s bachelorette getaway couldn’t come any sooner. As I packed my bags for Tulum I couldn’t help but think of all the life I was missing out on. I can’t remember the last time I saw a beach, been in a bikini, enjoyed a drink other than wine or even had someone play with all my desirable parts 👀. I am probably the most boring 31 year old in the world. 

Our flight leaves in a few hours and the group chat is already giving me an anxiety attack. Lyn, who’s my sister’s best friend said we all need to take a shot in the limo and an edible before we board the plane. I reminded her I am not the drinker or edible/smoker type, so she will have to give me a pass. She declined, and in less than 10 minutes, I heard yelling and honking outside my penthouse “GET IN B I T C H!!!” 

I immediately started shaking my head and headed out the door. 

We landed in Mexico, exhausted as usual, I got a tap on my shoulder with light whispers saying “get up Dawn... wake up Dawn...” 

I gather my things and walk off the plane noticing how gorgeous all the people were, especially this fine group of black women seemingly in a celebratory mood. I couldn’t help but think to myself, one of them will be MINE, even though deep down I’m all talk. I’d probably cringe if one of them even looks my way. 

I have no ability to flirt anymore or even have the slightest s e x appeal. Like I’m scared of p*ssy or something. 

We get settled into the hotel & it’s roughly 4pm. The ladies and I dispersed and went into our room. As always I’m the odd ball out and got myself my own room. Just in case I needed to hide from the rest of the girls at any point of this 4 day trip. I pulled out one of the dresses my timeless instagram scrolls got me to purchase. It was a floor length chiffon dress, split right up the side, off the shoulders, long sleeve and backless. Let’s just say, this flesh color dress left nothing to the imagination of my cocoa butter skin and even less to the succulence of my a s s. I don’t know what the goal was for the night, but in this dress I was sure to achieve it. I slicked my hair into a high bun and began to make my way to the restaurant. 

I was in awe of this restaurant as it was on a gorgeous boat and candle lit everywhere. Even down to the walkway. Our table had live music in a private area on the deck, playing “Adore" by Prince'. As the night went on the music picked up and it was time to hit the dance floor. I grabbed Sammie’s hand and told her that I was ready to finally enjoy myself. 

Sammie is the life of the party and was always down for a good time, ever since her and my sister’s college days at Fisk University, she always knew how to move about any room and tonight I wanted lessons. 

Sammie and I start dancing, catching the attention of every man and woman in the place, even the one's that were with their wives. It was truly a sight to see. She spun me around and straight into the arms of a woman that took my breath away just with her scent. She smelled like mahogany, amber, teakwood and a hint of coffee. Strong and secure scent with a bit of mystique that intrigued me even more. As I stop fixating on  how she felt in my hands I take a glance at her face and my heart plummets in my stomach. I pulled away seeing it was her, Kai, the last woman to ever touch my body and the last to ever hold my heart. Although it was a month long romance in Spain, it was like I was gaining and losing the love of my life all over again. 

I ran to the edge of the boat looking for a bathroom I could lock myself in until the boat docked and I could bury myself in the pillows of my suite until I was sane enough to leave town. 

Mia, Sammie & Lyn run after me wondering what’s going on but I lock myself in the bathroom long enough to calm down. 

Kai, 16 years older than I, was a feeling and a moment in time that I wished never existed but was glad I experienced. We met in Spain and spent a month there enjoying each other’s company and taking each other to new heights. 

A few days before I returned to the states she told me she was in some very serious business. Come to find out it was illegal activity that kept her the shadows of the world. I asked her how deep and in the blink of an eye I was shot at and ran for my life, never to look back again. 

To see her tonight took me by surprise, I was happy she was alive but could also pull the trigger myself for putting me through some of this craziness. 

I feel the boat dock and I try to wait till I hear all the footsteps leave. 

After 20 minutes, I heard complete silence and proceeded to open the door. As soon as I open the door I see Kai, standing there, saying “The bathroom is still your favorite place to run, well that’s good to know” 

I stomp past her and tell her to get out of my way. She blocks the door and asks if we can talk. I say no and ask politely if she can please move. She moves out of the way and yells to the captain to set sail to sea again. I ask “what are you doing!!! Let me off this boat, K!! Why are they listening to you anyway!?!?” 

She replies “This is my restaurant, this is my boat, did you not notice the name of the boat!?” 

I say “Of course you own the boat 🙄, and no, I don’t know the name of the boat, I didn’t pick the restaurant, I just followed the ladies.” 

She says “Until Dawn, that’s the name of the boat. I named it after you.” 

Tears welled up in my eyes while anger pressed through my heart “Nice name, but can you please take me back?” 

Kai: “Not until you talk to me, give me 10 minutes to explain and I will tell you everything you want to know”

I shrug my shoulders and say “fine, if in 10 minutes we aren’t turned around, I’ll jump off the boat and swim back.” She smirks and says “Wet is how I’ve always liked you, but we can discuss that later.” 

I roll my eyes as she talks about how she had to take over the business because her oldest brother threatened to cut her off financially, but she is completely out of the business. She stated that she knew in that business she couldn’t have love, which means she couldn’t have me, and that was unacceptable. 

I promise I could only hear a few words as I stared at how she aged beautifully. Still the pearly white smile and salt and pepper fade, with a lot more gray than I remember being that she is now 47 but it suits her. Being that she was a deep chocolate black woman, her eyes stood out more than anything. They were brown with a hint of hazel, as if it was poured like creamer in my favorite iced coffee. I just wanted to taste her. Her eyes always reminded me of looking into the sunlight and watching as the light moves down and the night time makes me more alive. 

I snap out of it and tell her, “that’s all fine and good, glad you’re out and glad you’re safe, that doesn’t change that I was shot at, and that you lied.”

She replies “I know, and it also doesn’t change how much I love you, and how beautiful you look, and how good I know you still taste 👅."

I try to look away but she grabs my face and kisses my lips, nibbling on the bottom lip just how I like. I try to pull away but I am enjoying it too much. She stands over me and asks me if I want her to stop, and no part of me could say no. She took my hair out of my bun and rubbed her fingers through it gently. Asking me to let her have her way with me.

I allow it. 

She slowly moves her hands down my body and onto my hips. She grips me tightly, picking me up and placing me from the chair onto the table. 

She says “I haven’t eaten anything all night, I’m happy to finally get a taste” she eagerly rips my slit even higher up, then takes her hands and lifts my legs while spreading them apart. 

While my legs are in the air she rips my panties off and plants her face as deeply into me as deeply as her love ran for me. 

She coated her face in me, never coming up for air. I began to play in her hair and call out her name. 

I get louder and louder, I can see the staff peaking through the doors and I begin to put on a show. 

It's like everything I knew has rushed back to me and I began to take control. Making sure our audience can see everything, I lift her head and tell her, “Now it's time to put something on my stomach.” 

I stand up and push her against the railing, unbuckling her pants, swallowing her clit one good time to let her memory notice me. I start using both of my lips to pucker and open as I slid up and down her p*ssy. I cover my face again making it extra wet while sticking my tongue out to make sure I enter her too. I then twist my fingers in and out to make sure I’m digging into her pleasure portal so the only thing it knows is me. Her muscles begin tightening around my fingers as she grips and tries to push me out. I spell love on the tip of her clit and she begs me to ease up... But I never do. 

I ask her to cum for me like she used to for old times sake. I tell her “this is my p*ssy and you can never take her away from me. I’m ingrained in her pleasure and the reason she puts the ocean out of business.”

She proceeds to explode and I swallow every drop of it. As she gripped the railing, she said “we have to get you an award or something” - I challenged her mischievously and replied “the question is, do you still deserve one? You still put in work as you used to?” 

As we talk she gives me this look as if I unlocked a new level of demon. I stood up, intrigued and ready to watch her perform. 

She told me “we have an audience”... I replied “I know, let me know if you would like to add a third” - she smirked at me and said “not until I have you all by myself first.” 

She grabs my hand while using the other to hold her pants. She takes me below deck where she keeps a master bedroom. We walk into this beautiful room with floor to ceiling windows looking right at the water. She walked me over to the California King size bed and told me to leave the door open so the audience can continue to hear us. She leans to turn on some music and ask “What we are about to do, can’t be undone. As much as I want you, I want you to truthfully want this too.” I smile at her and caress her ear and say “I’ve always wanted this, I love the water because I know it will always lead me back to you.” 

She starts to kiss my lips and nibble on my neck as she peels back each layer of my clothes. I start to undress her, my mouth waters even more. The inside of my legs feel more and more wet and I soak myself from all the joys of moments before. As hands glide over my nipple, massaging them, my head tilts back wondering why my body enjoys her so much. Standing there exposed, showing my heart and my body, I say. “Close your eyes, dance with me.”

She stops and turns up the music, Maxwell “Submerge: Til We Become the Sun” begins to play. 

🎶 “Submerge within the light, Illuminate my night, let your atmosphere surround me.” 🎶

We wrap our arms around each other and caress one another while we dance around the room, finding our groove. Skin to skin, losing ourselves in one another, desire starts to burn a flame within both of us and tasting the lust off each other proceeds again. Kai paused and turned down the music. She delights her hands between my thighs and says “the sounds I want to hear tonight will only come from me and you.” Gradually adding fingers inside me, she grabs the back of my neck and says “Let me hear it, open that pretty little fucking mouth and let me hear it.” 

Catching my breath, I moan, releasing the voice she gave my pleasure as my lips trembled against her ear. She can do no wrong to my body and yet she exceeds my expectations every time. I am here and I am hers. “That’s my good girl, just don’t forget to count them nuts,” she utters. I re-engage my focus on her and tell her “you can’t have all the fun.” I cuddle her throat down to the bed, take my well prepared seat on top, placing her right leg over my left shoulder. I lean in for a kiss as I rub my pearl along hers. They kiss and make up, apologizing for the distance and repairing every broken promise. 

Her body calls out my name and I respond with more than enough reasons to engrave this moment into her memory. I liberate my grip and taste her inner thigh all the way up to her toes. She is like seasoning on southern food, flavorful and warm on my tongue. She was made in love as we made love some more. I looked into her eyes as she began to Cum, tears appeared and mumbled “please, don’t stop.” I did as I was told while speeding up the pace. I watched her cum and cum and cum again. 

Winded from the shaking in her body she slides back across the bed. I grab her wrist and say “I don’t like it when you run from me.” She smirks and says “I’m not running baby, I’m about to even the score.” She stretches her arm across the bed and grabs some enhancements. I turn my head to the side and say “now what do you think you are about to do with that?”

Pulling my head down to the bed she forces me to arch my back and goes to work. Discovering every part of my hidden place as if she never wanted to be found again. With her other hand she licks her fingers and guides her way to my lower tulips, separating them in full bloom. She finds my center and moves the womanizer to my favorite spot. I drown the sheets as if the sea made its way into the bedroom. Before I know it I’m being spanked and choked, reminding me to count out when I Cum. I ask for permission to Cum again and my request is granted.

As the night continues so does our pleasure, making up for lost time and reimagined memories. We fall asleep in between rounds and everything feels exactly how it’s meant to be. I open my eyes to find her hand in between my legs, fingers inside me but fully asleep. She’s comfortable here, and that comforts me. I slide her hands out of me and into my mouth tasting the love we created. Her eyes begin to open and she mumbles, “Does this mean you’re my breakfast?” I kiss her lips, straddle her face and respond “Bon Appétit”

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