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A Lucid Account of Lust

Every year the company throws a big annual gallery exhibition showcasing black artists. This years theme was chosen by me and as great of an opportunity it is, the pressure lays just as heavy. I titled this exhibition “Seeds of The Human Body,” in hopes that our artists can display the story that our bodies leave behind based on our past experiences with pleasure. On top of pulling together the artists in LA, our Detroit office is coming in town to watch and evaluate my hard work. In particular there was Sloan, the Detroit curator, who was also known to be an authoritarian on black art. As confident as I am in my work, something about Sloan made me want their approval. 


“Valentine!!! The woman of the hour, what a beautiful display 😍! You’ve really outdone yourself!!” Quinn said to me. I hugged him and let out a deep breath of relief. One person I can count on to pump me up but give me the raw truth, was him. 

My timer goes off and a line is wrapped around the corner.  It’s time to open the doors! Everyone is in there places with the hors d’oeuvres and champagne waiting. “You may let them in!” I yell to security. 

Guest started piling in and their faces lit up as they saw the walls covered in shades of melanin and they walked across floors covered in simulations of veins in roots. 


I watched and smiled until I came across this face. One with remarkable bone structure, full lips and draped in a sleek royal blue crush velvet blazer. Their Locs wrapped in a messy bun and a neck tattoo that read “Maelezo” in red writing. 

Before I could stop my gaze, Quinn was standing in my face with champagne and a pill, something to get me to relax. “I know that look, & you might fix your face once I tell you who that is,” Quinn smirked. 

Grabbing the glass & pill out his hand I reply “Say it ain’t so…” Quinn interrupted, “You guessed it … Sloan.”

My heart sank, my eyes rolled and my pussy sighed. “Welp, let me go introduce myself, be a good sport 🙃” 


My heart starts racing as I remind myself of who the fuck I am. I tell myself that I have no reason to question myself or my abilities. After all, Sloan is just a person with an opinion and we all have one of those. I speak “Habari, Haiti aye nimefurahi kukutana nawe” - Sloan stares at me and turns their head as if I had confused them. They respond “ I apologize, I’m not following.” I giggled in a manner that indicated I had the upper hand, I reply, “ It’s Swahili, I said Hello, it’s finally good to meet you. I only spoke it due to your tattoo. “Maelezo” it means “the details” right?” Stunned that I was knowledgeable they replied “yes, how did you know that? It’s not a common saying.” I extended my hand for a handshake, they firmly gripped back and I explained “I pay attention to the details in every medium, especially language. That of the tongue and of the body.”


Sloan smirked, intrigued and aroused. “That’s good to know, I didn’t catch your name by the way.” I smirked back “Of course not, I didn’t throw it. However, it’s Valentine, I’m the curator for the LA office.” Sloan steps back to get a good look at me. “Not what I was expecting but pleasantly surprised.” Taken aback I asked “what were you expecting” … “A minimalist of sorts, a woman in black and with perfect diction looking to turn heads with her exhibition. A good girl with a golden heart. At least that’s what is said of you by the New York & Detroit offices,” says Sloan. I take a moment to size them up even further, I walk around them slow, making sure I don’t break eye contact, I watch them, watch me and bite my lower lip as I make a full 360. I look at the tattoo once more, stepping a bit closer so that the lust on my breath they could smell. I then speak and say “It seems we both have reputations, so tell me what you see instead, since I wasn’t what you were expecting.”


Sloan get’s even closer to me, as we look in each other’s eyes and they respond “I see “Maelezo,” and the last bit of mystery dying to be discovered by me.” I lean into their neck, slowly moving my face up to their ear, allowing the friction and the hairs on the back of their neck to stand and notice me. I whisper “ Niko tamarind ukiwa.” I walk away slowly, not to be followed but to be admired in a way that their eyes got the full picture. From every angle I gave them something to remember. 

The night progressed as the artists received their flowers and as the speeches were coming to an end, I felt accomplished. The gallery guest start to leave and I’ve seen every room tonight expect one. The “Taste of Pleasure” portion. This room was full of melanin intimate parts sculpted out of seeds from fruits and trees. The vulva in particular was hanging in glass from the ceiling dripping roots of a newly sprouted pothos plant. 

Before I noticed I was being watched and heard a voice say “I guess I’m not the only person who thought this room was the best,” Sloan floated into the room.


“Is this your favorite room?” I asked. “Yes of course, I love to see the body of a woman come to life, whether with my hands, my eyes, my mouth, or in this case, someone else’s art. I wished I could have met the artist. I wonder why they didn’t show,” slowly questioned. “You must be familiar with the artist then, the way you speak with so much passion,” I smiled. “No, I actually have only seen their work at another exhibt and they chose to be a bystander, but V. Dae is an incredible talent I hope to meet someday…” I interrupt and say “ Don’t tell me meeting me earlier was so forgettable that you need to do it again.” Confused yet enthused, Sloan looked around at my work and said “ Wait, … you’re… you’re V. Dae, the artist!?!?” … I walk toward the monicker with my name on it, glancing back at them saying “I guess it doesn’t count as discovering my mystery if I told you.”

Sloan in disbelief and desire approaches me, gently running their fingers down my arm and into the palm of my hand, interlocking our hands together and saying “It doesn’t count but I think there’s more.” Grabbing the back of my head and going in for a kiss, I pull back, releasing my hands from theirs and holding their face. Brushing my fingers up their neck and over their lips asking “How deep do you want this to go before you choose to experience this part of me.” 


“Following your lead but as deep as you can go,” Sloans breaths became nearer to mine. I unbuttoned their shirt revealing their nipples asking them if anything was off limits. “No, there isn’t, you do not belong to me but for the next however long, you are mine and I am yours. My only request is that you don’t hold back and I’ll do the same.” I smile as i squeeze both their nipples bringing us closer together and nibbling on their neck gently. I bite their collar bone and work my way back to their lips. I bite slow and deep, pulling back every bit of control they think they have. I slide my tongue to meet theirs as they grip my hair and drag it down my spine. They suck on my tongue and taste the seduction on me. I take my hands and slowly remove their locs from its restraints, they fall instantly and over our faces. I can feel the heat between my legs beg for attention. I pull away and walk to the other side of the wall, covering my lips with my finger. motioning them to be quiet. The room on the other side of the wall was my office. As there were people still present I didn’t want us to be further interrupted. 


When Sloan entered the office I stopped them and made my demands. “Take off your blazer and walk over to me slowly. Watch the parts of me you want to discover first and make it your mission to please that part of me.”

Sloan does as they are told, turns me around with my back facing them. Breathing deep and slowly kissing my spine, they raise my dress revealing my crotchless panties and bend me over. They make room for them by spreading my legs and biting my ass and smacking my cheeks. The room echoed as my skin rippled from the impact. Grabbing my hair and maintaining my arch Sloan puts their fingers deep in my mouth and says “I want to check what’s wetter, that pretty pussy or this mouth.” I spit on their fingers and reply “Well I don’t want to keep you waiting.” Before I know it they were using those same fingers to spread my pussy lips and locate all my spots. The massaged my pussy inside and out. Thumb in my pussy while making circular motions with their middle and ring finger on my clit. I whisper “Fuck, I love that shit.” They can feel me getting wetter, I reached for the curtain covering one whole wall and tug until it revealed the hidden two way mirror. 


Sloan stops momentarily in amazement, knowing we just kicked the night up a notch. Sloan says “So they can’t see you, but let’s see if I can make them hear you.” Picking me up and pressing me against the wall and wrapping my legs around their face, they begin to lick every part of my pussy. Their tongue glides in between separating my inner lips and sucking on my clit. I love the feeling of a face buried inside me. I grab the back of their head and start rotating my hips so they can taste all of it. I dig my nails into their back and ask them can I Cum. Sloan didn’t answer so I ask again and again until I can’t anymore. Right before I Cum they pull back and tell me no. With a pout on my face and a whimper in my voice I say “a tease I see.” With a faint chuckle they reply “not a tease, just patient, I do not get pleasure from you just cumming, I derive pleasure for you needing it just as bad as I want to give it & we aren’t there yet.” I lower my legs and slide down the wall, falling to my knees and undoing their bottoms with my teeth. I gently grab their hands and lead them to my throat, apply pressure and ask them to choke me. I feel the pressure build and my smile gets bigger. It’s time to feast on them & my mouth is watering. 


I pull down their bottoms and kiss around their thighs. I slide my tongue over every part of them and stuff my face as deep as I can go. I swallow their hopes and dreams just to manifest them into this very reality. I tried to leave something left for them but I didn’t want to come up for air. They drip down my chin and I can hear them call out my name. “Valentine, are you trying to add me to your works of art,” they utter. 

“You already were, as soon as you walked in.” I make my way up to their lips and allow us to taste the combination of each other. I take off all my clothes and ask them if I can strip them bare. Sloan agrees with the condition that every part of them I touch, I kiss. I agree and take my time. I kiss their neck and shoulders, lick down their spine and nipple on their in thigh. I kiss their ankles and bow at their feet, asking them for my next set of instructions. I’m told to stand and hand them my panties. As they are stuffed in my mouth Sloan lays down on the floor and motions me to get on top of the them and ride. I grind myself again them slow and deep, watching Sloan’s eye and body beg for me. I begin to feel our heartbeats in sync, lowering my face to their and we kiss. Sharing my panties in my mouth to mask our moans. We cum one after another but needing more. 


Now Sloan is on top digging into me. Choking me and slapping me to remind me I’m not currently in control. Sloan grabs my face and says “The wetter you get the more I have to have you. I’m not sure it I’ll ever get enough.” I throw my panties with my teeth and choke them back, bringing our faces to one another. I respond, “I don’t plan on letting you.” We Cum again and again leaving puddles of our night all over my office floor. I squirt so much I put Sloans face in it to taste the new fruits of their labor, something for that flight home they can savor. 

We watched as people slowly trickled out not knowing a thing was going on behind that wall. We laid in each other thanking each other for the night we had. Sloan talked more about my work and how every part of me was a masterpiece. I complimented their exquisite taste in art and women. We finally got the energy to go and I started to dress myself. I was immediately stopped by Sloan as they said “no please, let me. If you remember nothing else tonight I want you to know that even when I undress you and take you a part, I’ll always put you back together.” I smile and hand Sloan my panties to thank them for considering me, although this made my want more. Sloan takes the panties out of my hand and says “You’ll get everything back but these, I think I’ve earned them.” We both smile and agree. 


We kiss and part ways, exchanging numbers with secret hopes of seeing each other again. 


I arrived home and showered playing with my pussy wishing it was Sloan. As I lay in bed I realize my sheets don’t hold me like they do. I finally fall to sleep and 2 hours later I get a text message from Sloan that says “Pick a number between 1 and 5.” - I smile with sleep in my eye and my body still on an erotic high I said “4.” Sloan texts back “Perfect, now you have 4 instructions: 1. Tell me what inspires you. 2. Tell me what scares you. 3. Get dressed. 4. Meet me from Breakfast at 10:30. I want to hear your answers in person. I promise to order food and not eat you on the table.”  I sit up in my bed with a small big as day on my face and say. “I’ll cum, see you at 10:30, and don’t forget to wear that smile I like so much. I’ll supply the drip when I get there.” 

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