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Haitian Anticipation

Haitian Anticipation 


We had been anticipating each other for a few weeks now, the holidays had come and gone and him being out of the country didn’t leave much room for communication. I got dressed that Sunday morning for church and received a text that said, “Hey you! Good Morning!” ...I immediately started smiling ear to ear and replied, “I have been anticipating this message, worried you would love Trinidad and not come back” .. he laughed and said, “Almost.” We proceeded to talk about missing each other and making time to see one another so that we could finally touch again. 


He may just be one of the most aggressively attentive men I have ever known. The conversation got intense and the tension struck as he asked, “What does your schedule look like this week?” ... I deviously replied, “It looks like me swallowing you with a chance of rain (supplied by me).” I could tell he had received the message and was contemplating a reply. He ultimately said, “You just made my dick jump, we will make time for tomorrow @ 1pm, I’ll send you the address and room number, bring whatever makes you feel comfortable, I’ll have everything else you’ll need.” I responded, “Okay Papi, I will.”  

He replied, “& another thing, you haven’t cum right? No playing with yourself and no orgasming for last 72 hours.”


“Yes, I haven’t cum, saving that release for your feast.” Him being the Dom he is, replied, “That’s my good girl.”


As I went to bed that night I could not sleep, you would have thought I was a 7 year old girl listening to Santa come down the chimney to drop off everything I asked for, but I wasn’t. I was a 25 year old woman, listening to the juices slide and spread on my inner lips. With moisture back and forth between my thighs, I know that he will be everything I need and this d*ck will change my life. Needless to say, I hardly slept. That morning around 6am, I decided to just start prepping since I couldn’t sleep anyway. I packed a bag of my favorite toys, including my tongue vibrator, blindfolds, lubricants, sex candy, position dice and of course the necessary things for my aftercare. 


My body was bare and smooth, my skin had been exfoliated, moisturized and oiled up in every last place. My stiletto nails perfectly sharp to leave my mark on his back and my pretty white toes to match. The final touch was my “Good Pussy” anklet from Sweet Nothings and Co. to secure the naughty in me. I’m not sure what it is about anklets that just makes me feel extremely sexy and the baddest bitch to ever walk the earth, but it does and it was an essential for today. 

I get a text with an address and a room number, my heart starts racing and I hop in my car and drive there just waiting to get to those lips again; they are juicy and chocolate, like a personal candy bar only to melt on my command.


I pulled up to the hotel, grabbed my things and walked into the lobby. I was treated by the concierge and was told my room was waiting for me. I walked up to the room door and before I could bring myself to knock, the door opened and there he was smiling. Standing 6’5”, dark chocolate skin, broad shoulders, full lips and just his briefs on, making me instantly wet. His beard fully formed waiting to be soaked by me. He grabs all the things in my hand, hovers over me and kisses my forehead and runs his head down to my lips. I could barely get settled inside because I wanted him inside me.


He tells me to get comfortable as he plays music and starts lighting candles. As I light the last candle I feel him come behind me and kiss my shoulders, move up toward my neck and whisper in my ear, “You smell so good and feel so soft.” He grabs my ass and lifts up my dress a little and says, “Get naked and lay on the bed and don’t make me ask you more than once.” 

He started changing the songs as I crawled naked onto the bed and before I could lay down he stopped me and said, “Wait! Hell no, come here, look at you, so fucking gorgeous soooo fucking beautiful, with such a pretty soft wet pussy.” I smiled as he smacked my ass and told me, “Get that ass back on the bed.” 


He made sure I was lying on my stomach and he began to blindfold me. I could feel him spread both of my legs and pull my hands back so that the palms were facing the ceiling. He started pouring warm oil on my body, drenching my neck, arms, back, thighs, between my toes and even my pussy. This man had blessed hands. He wasn’t giving me some “little massage” like some men will when they want to fuck you. No, not him. He was intentional with my body and took his time, giving every part of my body attention. He whispered in my ear, “How are you with pressure?” ... I uttered, “If it’s you applying it, I’m always good.”


He lifted my head up to kiss and then he proceeded to use his hands in the best ways. At this point, this massage is one I would gladly pay for, and if he was ever in need of a second income, massage therapy needs to be his backup. I complimented him on his skill and he told me he took classes just to be able to please his woman someday, & in that moment I was grateful. 


As I continued to rest in bliss, he decided to do a pussy massage and spread my legs even further apart. As I was still laying on my stomach he takes his three fingers (index, middle and ring finger) and starts from the hood of my clit and drags them slowly with pressure all the way to the skin between my pussy and my ass. He slowly inserts his middle finger and slides it back out again. He repeats that for a few moments and starts playing with my pussy from the back and telling me how wet I’m getting and how I’m starting to cream a little bit. 


He gets on top of me while still playing with my pussy and says in my ear, “If you need to cum, you ask me, and if you move, I’ll stop, do you understand?” I said, “Yes, I understand.” Amidst him giving me my instruction he lets me know that he can’t continue while I’m creaming, and he must get it before he proceeds. Instead of moving it with his hand, he spreads my ass and pussy lips and gently slides his tongue down and slurps it up, causing my body to shake. He spanks me and says, “I told you don’t move.” He starts fingering my pussy aggressively and forcing another finger inside of me. He turns me on to my stomach still blindfolded and puts my legs in the air and continues to eat my pussy while I try not to be too loud. 


He noticed my breathing and he started fingering me deeper and told me, “I know you’re going to want to cum but you better hold it.” I did as I was told, rolled back over to my stomach and he began again with the massage. He was almost finished with my toes when I heard something lightly hit the floor. He climbed on top of me and started massaging me with his dick. There we were, completely naked, as he glided his dick in between my ass cheeks and I could feel it jump as he used the balls of his fingers to massage my temple. His hands moving to the rhythm of his hips, I can feel his heartbeat through his dick and it matches mine. Deep, fast, excited and anxious, he runs his shaft down my legs, up my back and I can feel it getting harder. 


He moves up and over my head, trailing his package across my lips while taking off my blindfold. As soon as I open my eyes, there he was, at the head of the bed, with 9 and half inches of strong hard dick in my face. He smirked at me while I sit up so I can properly kiss the tip. I deep throat as much as I could, which still left room for one of my hands, he is already large but having the thickness of a fist makes me continue with caution. He starts to moan and that’s all I needed to hear to go to work. I started swallowing more, twisting my hands back and forth, spitting on it and french kissing the tip. I made sure he was soaked, leaving a puddle on his stomach and underneath him. I started dragging my tongue from the back to the tip, all the way down to his balls. 


I sucked on both of those interchangeably, while still stroking the tip and making eye contact. I asked him how it felt and he responded, “Incredible, you’re so fucking beautiful and I wish you could see yourself the way I do right now, your eyes are so present and lips so soft.” Feeling even better I deep throat him while still looking him in his eyes, he is biting his lips and shaking his head like he is disgusted with me but ever gently so pleased. As I got sloppier, more of him needed me to continue. I pulled away slowly watching the spit trail from my lips off the tip of his dick, I looked up, winked at him. He loosened his grip from the sheets and told him to “Stand for me, please.”


I stand off the bed and onto the floor as does he, we start kissing and I drag my tongue down his body. Over his nipples, down to his navel, I nibble at his flesh while dragging my nails down his body. He saw me going to the floor and he said, “Wait...”  He reaches to grab a pillow and put it on the floor for my knees. 


He was so attentive! 


The man made my pussy wetter by the second. I reach over on the table and grab my vibrating tongue ring, he looked at me and raised his eyebrows, confused and interested. I looked at him, smiled, turned it on and focused only on the tip. If you could, imagine a small circular cock ring that vibrates at the flick of my tongue. His mouth opened up while he inhaled deeply, I could tell he was enjoying it when his head tilted back and he almost lost his balance. He couldn’t believe how that felt. As I became bolder, I started licking the space underneath his balls and he got harder than I could imagine. He started moaning louder and I turned around with the dick still in my mouth , head under him like I was getting tea bagged. 


I started sucking his dick from the back until he couldn’t take anymore. He gripped my shoulder and pushed my head back as he pulled me up to him. He pulled out my tongue ring, shook his head, grabbed the lube and laid me on the bed. 


He told me to spread my legs as deeply as I could and he watched me with anticipation. He grinds his dick back and forth on my clit and watched me moan. He asked if I was ready, and with certainty and passion I said, “Yes.” He looks me deep in my eyes and inserts just the tip. I place my hand on his lower stomach and down to his dick realizing I have so much further to go. He takes it easy and I’m still uncontrollably moaning. 


The whole time he is comforting me and telling me, “It’s okay, I got her, she’s doing just fine, I won’t hurt her unless she wants me to.”  Him talking to my pussy, knowing she is her own person, drove me even more wild. I’m gradually getting wetter because it feels too good and I couldn’t ask for a more caring person or space to be in. He made everything about me, about my happiness, about my comfort, about my satisfaction and as much as he wanted to “beat it up”, he knew that pleasing me was most important. He strokes even deeper making sure I’m comfortable. 


He asks me to turn over and starts hitting it from the back. He pressed his hand into my spine, pulling my hair just enough to whisper in my ear saying, “You’re creaming all over my dick so you’re going to have to take it, you can’t have pussy this good and expect me not to get deeper in here, she is too warm and too tight.” I shook my head in agreement and he slowly loosened his grip and plants my head back into the pillow. He starts pounding and these are not any ordinary strokes, and to be honest none of his strokes were. He rotated his hips like he was dancing inside me. He was hitting spots I didn’t know were there. He was putting me into different positions to match every Caribbean song that came on his playlist. He caught the rhythm and my moans were a byproduct of him giving me more than what I asked for, but quickly what I realized I needed. 


He felt me getting wetter and said, “You have to taste this cream you got all over my dick.” He came up to my face and I tasted it all off of him. Thick like vanilla cold foam on a latte, I lick until I’m all over my own face. The mix of him and I would put every taste of whipped cream to shame. He starts to play with my pussy as I play with his balls. Slowly caressing them like they were the luckiest pair of extra large dice. I blew on them and they filled up in my hands with cum. 


I wanted to empty them in a way they never felt and it’s making my mouth water even more. I started feeling extremely juicy, in a way I never had before. He said, “I want it more now, and I’m going to take it,” he slid back inside me and started speeding up and getting extremely sensual with my g-spot. I couldn’t say a word but my body started speaking to him. I shook my head, closed my eyes and my body was shaking everywhere, I trembled as my body gave him a round of applause. He said, “Look at me, fucking look at me,” I open my eyes and gripped the sheets, my body began to elevate as my feet were planted on his shoulders. My legs started shaking uncontrollably and because I’m so oiled up from the massage they are sliding off of him. 


He gets on his knees in the bed, begins to dig his fingers deep in me and holds my body slightly up by my ankles. With every turn I made, he kept saying, “Let it go, look at me, I want it, give it to me, I’m not going to ask you again.” I take a deep breath as pressure builds in my body, asking me to release everything I have built up in ecstasy, and before I know it, I squirt everywhere. 


💦 He keeps going and I keep squirting, I keep shaking. My body pushes his hands out of my while my eyes roll to the back of my head. I could barely breathe and at that moment I didn’t even care to. He paused to watch me catch my breath then kissed my clit and said, “There it is, Good Girl!” He raises his hand to show me what a mess I had made, dripping like water coming up on the ocean’s shore. I can visibly see me dripping down his fingers, never knowing what my body could do. 


The bed was so soaked I slid to the corner in a fetal position, feeling fulfilled, yet empty. He grabs a towel and lays it down, and another to dry me off. As he cleans me up he states, “You know I want that pussy even more now.” Before I return my soul to my body, he pulls me to the corner of the bed by my legs and he puts one of his legs in between mine and starts caressing my face. Hands gliding over my ears and sucking on my boobs. He can tell I’m a bit out of it but he reassured me he is in control and that I’m in good hands.


He pushes my legs up and runs his dick up and down my pussy, patting his tip on my clit. Calmly letting himself reenter my body he starts whining inside me. He closes his eyes and kisses my ankle and says, “Fuckkkkkkkkk, you feel so fucking good right now.” He tells me, “I want all the pussy and I’m not stopping” and as a man of his word, he didn’t stop. Putting me in so many positions and fucking me till I couldn’t breathe or walk. I cum twice, then three times, then four. 


I ask for mercy by calling out our safe word “X,” which means X marks the spot. He said, “I know you came five times, let’s make it 6.” I shook my head wondering how much more my body can take. He smiled back and shook his head yes. He said let’s cum together, and I kissed him and agreed. The song “Ooh Nah Nah” by SiR ft. Masego comes on and he starts singing it. The joy on his face can’t be replaced. The lyrics, “touching my body, I fucking lose it, and I don’t know what to do, am I dreaming” ... his strokes get deeper, his dick is hard, my legs are giving out and we cum in sync.


He screams loudly, louder than I ever heard a man moan before, it took me by surprise. He cums deep in me and he falls to his knees off the bed to see his handy work all over my pussy. He spreads me and said, “If you could only see how pretty this looks”, he grabbed another towel and said damn “It’s so fucking much, push it out baby, push it out” ... I start gushing and he just keeps saying, “Damn baby it’s so much” ... I finally stop and he comes up and lays on the bed next to me. 


He reminds me to go release anything that may be lingering, because of the way he has done my body I will need a full recovery. I follow instructions and come back to the bed to see him stretched across the bed, eyes closed and deeply breathing, I sneak up on him, and see there is still a little nut at the tip of his dick. I drop quietly to my knees, unsuspected and suck it slow, he sits up quickly and moans, “Fuckkkk, you’re so bad” ... I wink at him and deep throat it one last time. He says, “You’re trouble.”


I get back on the bed and lay with him, he is playing with my ears, kissing my neck while rubbing his hands up and down my spine and ass. We caress each other and lay there while one of our favorite songs play. He kisses my forehead a few times and starts humming “Mad About You” by Son Little. We smiled, we kissed and headed to the shower. He leaves the bed to turn on the water, waits for it to get warm and walks me in. Bathing each other, we laughed and talked about how much we just slutted each other out. We got dressed, he walked me to my car, gave me a kiss and said, “Let me know when you make it home, we will be doing this again soon.” I shook my head and said, “Not too soon, I need to recover” ... he said, “Don’t worry you will and I’ll make sure of that.” I got in my car, we waved as he put his helmet on, hopped on his motorcycle and drove off. I looked down at my pussy before I pulled off and I could feel her swelling, she was sore, but she also missed him. Later that evening texted me and said, “Thank you for an amazing experience.” 

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